JavaScript Developer ? What You Should Do Next

After learning the basics of a new programming language, we all ask ourselves what should I do next with it ? In this short article, I am going to answer this particular question for new javascript developers.

( I have answered this question for python developer in this medium article. So check that out if you’re interested. )

Frontend Web Application

Without a doubt, this is the most common use case for javascript. While developing web application’s frontend you have two options with JS→

  1. Use JS just to make the website interactive.
  2. Use JS to create the a complete web application from ground up

In either case you have to learn javascript basics. In the first case, you can simply use JS code combined with HTML.

But in the second case, you have to learn a frontend framework. Currently there are dozens of JS frameworks. But the most popular once are

With any of the above framework, you can add npm packages to make your web application more dynamic. Like if you want to use bootstrap, there is package for that. If you want to add beautiful pie charts, there is a package for that. If you want to add payment gateway, there are packages for that.

Web Server

Beyond websites and apps, developers can also use JavaScript to build simple web servers and develop the back-end infrastructure. For this use case, some of my recommended javascript frameworks, that you should learn are →

In my opinion, if you don’t want to complicate things you should learn next.js. Just think about it. You can develop frontend as well as backend with this one framework.

But if you want flexibility in your web server then go for express or node.js.

Meteor is another great option for building full stack application.

Mobile App

If you’re interested in mobile app development, then you’re lucky. Javascript has a great framework that can be used to build android and iOS applications.

I am talking about react native. This is cross platform development solution. Cross platform means you don’t have to write separate code for android and iOS.

Not only mobile applications, react native can be used to develop desktop applications as well.

Currently many giant companies like facebook, shopify, discord use react native in their respective app. That’s how you can be sure that this is a powerful option for mobile app development.

Web Game

Games, directly playable from the browser are becoming popular day by day. For that reason, the demand for web based game developers are also increasing.

Some of the great option for this use case are →

If you learn any of the framework above and master it, you can earn good money with you skill.

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