Productivity Tips For Startup Founders

4 min readJun 27, 2022


So you have decided to develop a startup. Congratulations!! 🥳🎉 You have taken the first step towards your dream.

In this short article, You will learn about some of the productivity tips that I have learned through my journey so far. But before you start I have a question for you ?

  1. Are you committed ? I mean are you ready to give at least one year of your life to this startup you’re going to build ?

If the answer is yes then follow along. So here are the tips →

📅 Maintain a Calendar

It’s just normal. When you have lots of stuff to do, you’re naturally going to schedule them in a calendar. For example in early startup stage you might set an event for your MVP launch or you might want to set an notifier to meet with potential investor. Keep in mind I use calendar for events not for tasks.

📝 Set A Timetable & Follow It

You could be a college student, a employee or a business person, if you don’t plan your time, you’re going to waste it. I don’t mean you have to plan every minute or every hour of the day. Keep it simple enough to be memorable. For me this is the time table I follow :

See I only have four set times.

  1. After waking up and getting ready, I write what I will do today. Also I check the calendar if anything special is today. If so I change the times accordingly. I write a might-do list everyday. This might do list doesn’t contain any task about startup. It contains other tasks like — call maa, fix the chair, etc. I don’t have to do each of them. I might do them or not. But I always add one task (the high lighted task) that I have to complete today. This task can be a college assignment or anything.
  2. Next from 9 AM to 1 PM, I do development of my startup. As I said before, I don’t write tasks for startup on my daily might-do list. I plan my startup on a project management software (Jira).
  3. After it, from 3 PM to 4 PM, I try to write an article.
  4. And lastly, at the night, I put on a startup founder’s mindset and plan my startup. This planning includes future features, what bugs need to be solved, marketing plan, etc. So in conclusion,

In day time I think of myself as an employer of the company & at night a founder.

I am not saying, you have to follow my time table. Make a time table of your own. Just follow it with discipline.

🎢 Maintain A Project Management Software

This one is obvious. You have to follow some sort of organized way to manage the project or startup you’re doing. Before I used to use Notion. But now I use notion only for personal notes. For managing startup I use Atlassin’s Jira.

I am not a corporate person, so my process is a bit messy. But what I usually do is create a milestone like → Version 2 Launch with feature X, feature Y, …

Then I divide the milestone in tasks. Every day I work on those tasks on my set time table. Then at night I plan the next step, list the bugs that I found today and try to fix them the later day.

This is not perfect. So plan your own process for project management and follow whatever you’re comfortable with.

😴 Take Rest

Some of the entrepreneurs think, they have to achieve everything in one night. NO that’s not how it works. You progress everyday. Some day, you will progress more than other days. But in order to maintain your streak, you have to take rest. So sleep enough at night.

🧵 Take Time to Learn

What do you think, I do when I don’t have anything to do. I learn stuffs. I watch youtube, I read articles, documentations just to learn. This learning can be anything →

  • How this framework works
  • How can I add email authentication
  • How can I add payment subscriptions
  • How can I use Chakra UI
  • How can I found a co-founder
  • How to write a business plan
  • How google ads works
  • etc etc.

If you learned something from this story please Follow Me on medium. It motivates me a lot. Thank you for reading my article to the end. Take love 💕 from India.