Productivity Tips For Startup Founders

  1. Are you committed ? I mean are you ready to give at least one year of your life to this startup you’re going to build ?

📅 Maintain a Calendar

📝 Set A Timetable & Follow It

  1. After waking up and getting ready, I write what I will do today. Also I check the calendar if anything special is today. If so I change the times accordingly. I write a might-do list everyday. This might do list doesn’t contain any task about startup. It contains other tasks like — call maa, fix the chair, etc. I don’t have to do each of them. I might do them or not. But I always add one task (the high lighted task) that I have to complete today. This task can be a college assignment or anything.
  2. Next from 9 AM to 1 PM, I do development of my startup. As I said before, I don’t write tasks for startup on my daily might-do list. I plan my startup on a project management software (Jira).
  3. After it, from 3 PM to 4 PM, I try to write an article.
  4. And lastly, at the night, I put on a startup founder’s mindset and plan my startup. This planning includes future features, what bugs need to be solved, marketing plan, etc. So in conclusion,

In day time I think of myself as an employer of the company & at night a founder.

🎢 Maintain A Project Management Software

😴 Take Rest

🧵 Take Time to Learn

  • How this framework works
  • How can I add email authentication
  • How can I add payment subscriptions
  • How can I use Chakra UI
  • How can I found a co-founder
  • How to write a business plan
  • How google ads works
  • etc etc.



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