Top 5 Free Sources to Learn & Practice Go Language

If you ever decided to learn a new programming language in the past then you surely would have come across the problem → How do I master it ?

Today I will share with you top 5 resources from where you can learn go language from scratch and master it.

Number 1 : GOLANGBOT.COM 💙

Go tutorial link on → click me

This tutorial will get you from absolute scratch to mastering concurrency and other features like File handling, Object Oriented Programming, Interfaces, Pointers, etc. Topics has been discussed in simple words. I absolutely love this one.

Number 2 : Calhoun Courses 💙

To learn you will have to first register here→ click me

Go tutorial on Calhoun Courses → click me

If you know somewhat basic knowledge of go language and you want practice it by building some application check out this course. Not everyone know about this but somehow I found this site and absolutely loved it. By following this you will be able to build these applications →

  • Quiz game
  • URL Shortner
  • HTML Link Parser
  • Sitemap Builder
  • CLI Task Manager
  • File Renaming Tool
  • Twitter Retweet Contest CLI
  • Building Images (png & svg)
  • Building PDFs
  • And many many more.

Number 3 : W3 Schools

Go tutorial link on w3 schools → click me

Without any doubt, this is a great starting point for you to learn go language. If you’re thinking to learn go as your first programming language then w3 schools should be the best resource for you.

Number 4 : Go Dev

Go tutorial link on tutorials point →click me

This is the official tutorial series for go language. The reason I have put this one in number 4 because personally I didn’t find it a good source to learn go language. This is my personal choice. But you should also check it out any try yourself.

Number 5: Tutorials Point

Go tutorial link on tutorials point → click me

We all know tutorials point is one of the best website where you can learn a vast amount of subjects for free. Their go language tutorial is not an exception. From the starting point they have discussed every topic is simple and understandable words.

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