Want To Be A Full-Stack Web Developer ? My Recommended Choice

3 min readJun 12, 2022

Those developers who can develop both → Frontend as well as Backend, call themselves “Full Stack” Developer.

Learning to do both can be quite messy. But don’t worry this article will surely guide you. I have travelled the path for a very long time and have tried many programming languages and frameworks. At last I have found the best and easiest way to develop full stack websites.

I will not make this article long for you. The answer is NEXT.JS

Next JS

This framework is all you need for doing full stack framework. If you don’t know, next.js is a framework that is built on top of React. On their official landing page, they show this →

The React Framework for Production

Now let me introduces it’s features and what can you do with it :

  1. You can develop frontend with it. The page routing is built in and you can use any css framework you want with it. It also supports tailwindcss, material ui, bootstrap, …. It uses component structure for building UI.
  2. You can develop backend with it. Hell yeah! You can build APIs, get data from external APIs, authentication, authorization, everything that you normally can do with other backend frameworks.
  3. You can connect firebase backend with it easily. In this case you don’t have to develop backend with next.js. You will be using next.js just for frontend.
  4. You can connect backend that is built with other frameworks like django or express.js or any other with next.js frontend with out any problem.
  5. You can build static web pages with it. So the process is → You develop website → then export the website in normal HTML, CSS files. Then you can host it wherever you want.
  6. Another very good feature of it, is that it has server side rendering support built-in. So you don’t have to worry about bad SEO anymore.
  7. Supports typescript
  8. Moving your project to production is super easy with vercel. But you can choose any hosting service you want.

This and a lot more. Visit their official site to know better.


Now you may be asking “Yeah all right, but what should I know before I learn next.js”. My answer is → Basics of javascript. At this point I don’t think you should know react basics anymore. You will learn everything on the way.

NOTE: I am not saying that next.js is the only way in 2022 to do full stack. You can do full stack development with other options also like → react + django or any other stack. I only recommend next.js because I like it.

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